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Travel From India to the USA via Mexico

As the Covid situation in India escalated to an all-time high in early April, US followed a few other countries in temporarily barring the entry of visitors from India to the United States.

While the US made a few exceptions for American citizens, permanent residents and students among others, many Indians on work based visas (such as H1B visas) are unable to travel back to the United States where they work and live. Indian parents are also unable to visit their kids residing in the US.

Ever since a possible way to travel to the US via a neighboring country like Mexico has been highlighted, a few are considering this route too. If you are looking to travel to Mexico from India and then onwards to the USA, Clinia México is happy to offer you COVID-19 PCR testing, which is a requirement for entry into the United States.

Our PCR tests are provided at home (or at your Airbnb/ Hotel) and can be administered by self or a nurse, if preferred. We provide online results in English, within 24 hours and can communicate with you in English, Spanish and Hindi (our co-founder is Indian and from Mumbai originally!)

Reach out to us via WhatsApp (+52 553.423.4424) or email us for more details or to book your test.

Safe travels!

Clinia México Team

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